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Quoteleft New York in '78 was the coolest place on the planet. Everyone was either finding themselves, having a party, or getting laid. Including me. I was new to the Big Apple. Just a country boy looking to make good. But a few weeks, and it felt like home. I knew every street, every avenue, every blind alley. I was eighteen years old and growing up as fast as I could. Quoteright
TK, Nickel and Dime introduction monologue.

The 1978 Era is the first era in Driver: Parallel Lines.



The storyline has an unexpected twist...

As the first era, it is introduced as the era in which TK, the main protagonist, thrives in a career of being a wheelman. In the initial storyline, TK is introduced to a friend of Ray's, Slink, who trains him with weapons in a similar manner to how Ray first taught TK to drive. Slink then introduces TK to a "gang" he works for. Meeting Corrigan, The Mexican, Bishop and Candy, the gang quickly enlist TK to complete tasks for them, including breaking Candy out of prison, hijacking convoys, and destroying targets.


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The 1978 era introduces the majority of the storyline characters:

Various other minor, mostly unnamed characters are encountered through the storyline.


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The first era of the game features the largest selection of vehicles, ranging from 1970's muscle cars to classic sports cars. The iconic New York taxi, named the Wayfarer, takes the majority of the streets' traffic and the city is patrolled with Zartex police cars, Firetrucks and Meat Wagon ambulances.

The player is able to customize almost all driveable vehicles in the game, including fitting them with era-appropriate, 1970's style bodyworks and liveries.



New York in 1978.

New York in the era is, as described by TK in the initial introductory scene of the game, "the coolest place in the planet". The setting of the game renders New York city in a 1970's fashion. The skyline resembles the city's real skyline of that time, consisting of the iconic Empire State Building, World Trade Center and Chrysler Building. Other notable landmarks are a particularly common site, despite being seemingly completely disregarded and both unmentioned and unnamed in-game, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

The map appears with a mostly gray theme, with green parks and light blue waters. A directional compass is featured in an empty section within the borough of Queens. Borough's names are highlighted in orange text, stretching across the area. The city is split into an uncoordinated grid, bordered by purple lines.


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